Lyrics to Spilling over the Side
by Henry Rollins

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[edit]Song titleSpilling over the Side
[edit]Artist nameHenry Rollins
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh man, I can't believe the things I said to you
I must have been out of my mind
Desperation crept in
from all the things I've kept in
I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself
I can tell by look in your eyes
that you think I'm a fool
It's alright, it's too late to turn back now
I'm throwing these lines out
I'm throwing my line out
Hoping you'll bite and drag me in with you

I go so low until I see
It's when I hit the bottom I know for sure
It gets so pathetic when you're lonely
that you'll do anything

I can't believe what I've become
Find more similar lyrics on things I say and do
Loneliness will make you throw your sense away
Here I am trying to get through
Feeling so small
Running my mouth at you
I'm feeling strange like a stranger
I'm here but I know I'm out of there
As close as I get is so far away
Am I coming off like I'm crazy?
My lack of pretense too intense?
Am I telling you more than you want to know?

Oh man, I can't believe the things I said to you
I must have been out of my mind
Landing hard on a Saturday night
Walking down walked on streets
Looking through the windows at good time shows
My loneliness, how it hurts and how it shows
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Lyrics to Spilling over the Side
by Henry Rollins

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