Lyrics to At the Edge of Eternity
by Hexenhaus

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[edit]Song titleAt the Edge of Eternity
[edit]Artist nameHexenhaus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here I lay, embraced with pain
Few are my final words
An angel of light, beside my bed
Coming to take me away


A contemplated soul, a life in vain
Infinity is calling my name
I welcome death, my only friend
Tranquility forever more

The angel won't take me away

No holy ground for me
Suicide, self deception, desecration
North of the church, my burial place
A sinner set aside
A misguided faith, to love and light
Made me enter the path of
least resistance

I opened my veins, a quick relief
My infinite insight of disbelief
Mourn not those, who is about to die
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Christ won't save me now

Eternal life, obsession of man
Death is my final choice
In life I was weak, in
death I will fly
Outcast from heaven forever

A last sanctuary awaits me
My life has burned out
Time to die

Behold my hour of dying
No epitaph
Behold my hour of dying
I bid my last farewell

As the wings of pain
Carry me to the kingdom of death
I know that this is my final sleep

Out of time, out of space
I am forever I am free

Behold my hour of dying
No epitaph
Behold my hour of dying
I bid my last farewell
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Lyrics to At the Edge of Eternity
by Hexenhaus

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