Lyrics to A-List Actress
by Hey Mercedes

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[edit]Song titleA-List Actress
[edit]Artist nameHey Mercedes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Roll film

Sweat out heart
Perfect for the part
Part of me for all to see
I've blocked this scene
In everynight's dream
Camera cuts to close up
A-list actress
Messing up my line
Every time
Beautiful moves around

There's a crew of
cameras outside
They want a
simple reason why
A headline
Inching up the drive
Can you imagine a better
Line (Life) Life?

Sweat out heart
Perfect for the
Apartment where
we fell apart
Movie rain is just
water in a pipe
Camera cuts to two-shot
A-list Actress
Messing up my mind
Every time
Beautiful moves around

Find more similar lyrics on're a cut above
the clueless
In careful
character for
In league with all
things heavenly
What's a star to do?

Here in the real world
How does it feel?

Down down down
Comes calamity
Just because
Come and take a picture
Down down down
Comes recovery
Just because
Come on take a picture

Spit out heart
Perfect for the
Catastrophe I know I can be
Please tell me am I crazy?
Are you crazy for me?
A-list actress
Messing up my life
Every time.

Beautiful take
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Lyrics to A-List Actress
by Hey Mercedes

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