Lyrics to Burned
by Hidden in Plain View

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[edit]Song titleBurned
[edit]Artist nameHidden in Plain View
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It takes two to fall in love
but only one has to pull the plug
and then you're left alone
just like that
an open space on my wall
where your pictures hung before
there is dark holes
inside them I see
the emptiness that's inside of me
you took away a part of me
cause I can't be around you
you took away my confidence
can I live without you?
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can I live without you?
I approach, you say stay away
my heart it drops
my body shakes
in spite you've turned
your world around
and it spins me around
my world is filled with muffled sounds
it's funny how a thought of you
can pick me up and put me down
you pull me down.
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Lyrics to Burned
by Hidden in Plain View

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