Lyrics to Forever Endeavour 05:22
by Highland Glory

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[edit]Song titleForever Endeavour 05:22
[edit]Artist nameHighland Glory
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Leaning back to hear your voice
I´m changing personality
Can´t close my eyes again
I´m scared of what that I might be

Stand up to finish my job
And what they don´t know
I am immortal this time

I can´t believe that you´ve fallen for my lie
This time I´m alive, and you won´t even sense me
Find more similar lyrics on are afraid that you won´t make it through
This time I´m alive, and
forever endeavour this time

Come closer now, don´t be afraid
Maybe you´ll see the wair inside my head
You see the demons in my eyes
Little child don´t try to hide

This time, forever this time
Oh, forever endeavour this time
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Lyrics to Forever Endeavour 05:22
by Highland Glory

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