Lyrics to The Hand of god
by Highlord

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[edit]Song titleThe Hand of god
[edit]Artist nameHighlord
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In this world man's
destiny is controlled
By some transcendental entity or law
At least man knows that
he has no control
Over his own will

On the day the hawk feel
You saw your love betrayed
A new order to enslave the world
And for you a new battle to fight

We are the darkness, your own race
We taste the flesh of your comrades
No, I won't surrender
Your heart is ours, your blood is ours
The brand will grant you no escape

Angels or demons? Apostles of death

Bloody trails veil my dreams
By the sword of the Berserk
But I know I will be free
From the demons that hunt my soul

On the road you walk in silence
There's only darkness by your side
The roots of evil grow and thrive
In the world that mankind's created
The traitor was your brother
Once he led you to the stars
Now you wield your sword in battle
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The world has been damned,
do we have to die?


We have only one chance
Fighting or dying
In this burning hell called earth
Last son of the hand of God
Traitor of love...
You married hate to my soul...

"I am the flesh....
Ambrosia for the immortal ones"
Come into my flame...
My violent desire
"You tear apart...
The human pleasure from
it's cradle"
I order your ruin...
Killer of passions...
"Better death
Than your damned fire"
I devour your essence...
On your body my perversion
"Better the sword
Than your claws on my breast"
Settle your mortal senses
To my cruel will...
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Lyrics to The Hand of god
by Highlord

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