Lyrics to About Me
by Hikaru Utada

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[edit]Song titleAbout Me
[edit]Artist nameHikaru Utada
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My baby, there's something you should know
About me, before you propose
Although we have known each other for quite a while

Whenever you need me
I'm gonna try to make it through to you
But I'm not always ready to
When you are not watching
I prepare myself for you
But I worry that I might have been misunderstood

I gotta tell you, I wanna tell you
I can be lazy but I'll try not to
Maybe I'm not a very honest person
Right now you're sure that you love me
But are you really sure that you know all about me
Up and down and down down down down we go

My baby, a lot could happen before tomorrow
Think about the pain before you take another dose
Who knows if it could be good for you after all

Whatever you give me
I'm gonna try to give you something new
Not something you've already chewed
Find more similar lyrics on you are not watching
I prepare myself for you
Because this could be good
What's buggin' you

I gotta tell you, I wanna tell you
I can be crazy when I don't want to
Maybe I'm not a very honest person
What if I don't want a baby yet
Is it okay if I'm not cute and naive
Up and down and down down down down we go

This could be good
So I gotta tell you, I wanna tell you
You can be shady... Whatcha goin' through?
Maybe you're not a very honest person
You say you're sure that you love me
How could that be when you keep so much from me
Turn the tables 'round, 'Round and 'round we go

Right now you're sure that you love me
But are you really ready to know more about me
Up and down and down, 'round and 'round and 'round
Where do we go
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Lyrics to About Me
by Hikaru Utada

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