Lyrics to Holiday
by Hilary Duff

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[edit]Song titleHoliday
[edit]Artist nameHilary Duff
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I remember summers
You and me lasting forever
Holidays coming we'd never
never ever ever be apart

I remember spending
All of my time, every minute
The two of us we had our own rhythm
And you were the beat of my heart

Now in the summer... (I miss you)
And in the winter... (I miss you)
It don´t matter... (What I do)
Since you went away
Since you went away

And in the summer... (I miss you)
And in the winter... (I miss you)
It don´t matter what I do
It don´t matter what I say
You left it...

You took a holiday from us
You took a trip and left your love
If your heart went down forever
Should of told me where it was
Took a holiday from me
I guess you needed to be free
I would of loved you with no measure
Now you got me asking where...
Where did you go?
(Where did my heart go?)
You took a holiday yeah
(Where did you go?)
(Why did you leave?)
Find more similar lyrics on´s a new holiday for me

Walking, watching you leave
there´s no talking
Back on my own
it´s so shocking
Guess forever was just a dream

I think we could of made it
But our history now is fading
My image of the future is changing
And baby damn that
thing called destiny
Got the best of me

Now in the summer... (I miss you)
And in the summer... (I miss you)
It don´t matter what I do
It don´t matter what I say
You left it...


If I could take a step back
Make it turn any different
I would hide those bags
And I´d tear that ticket
Never thought you and me'd
be done in a minute
Now I´m making new plans
and you´re just not in them Repeat

Where did you go...?

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Lyrics to Holiday
by Hilary Duff

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