Lyrics to Now That you are Near
by Hillsong Australia

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[edit]Song titleNow That you are Near
[edit]Artist nameHillsong Australia
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hold me in your ams never let me go i wanna apend
eternity with you

I stand before you, Lord And give you all my
praise your love is all i need Jesus, you`re all i

My life belongs to you You gave your life for me
Your grace is all i need Jesus, you`re all need

Find more similar lyrics on me in your ams Never let me go I wanna spend
eternity with you

And now that you`re near Everythingis different
Everything`s so different, Lor And i know i`m not
the same My lafe you`ve changed Iwanna be with you

And i will sing for you alwaysCause in your
presence God is where i wanna stay
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Lyrics to Now That you are Near
by Hillsong Australia

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