Lyrics to Over the Edge
by Hole

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[edit]Song titleOver the Edge
[edit]Artist nameHole
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's not the truth I say,
it's just a mockery.
Don't need to waste my time;
you know I really try.
You take and never give,
it gets so hard to live.
I'm hanging on a ledge,
push straight over the edge.
Grow up and be a man.
Drop dead, right where I stand.
Find more similar lyrics on'm hanging on a ledge,
push straight over the edge.
Don't do the things you do,
don't have to oblige you.
Make choices on my own,
don't by the shit they sell.
You take and never give,
it gets so hard to live.
I'm hanging on a ledge,
push straight over the edge.
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Lyrics to Over the Edge
by Hole

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