Lyrics to I'm not Backing Down
by Holland

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[edit]Song titleI'm not Backing Down
[edit]Artist nameHolland
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Take another shot at me and
See what I'll turn out to be
Cause I'm not giving up
There's no such luck
I don't need a getaway,
An easy out, another day
You've not got the best of me
Just wait and see

The situations more complex
And I don't know what might come next,
But I've got nothing else to lose

Can't you see that I'm not backing down?
You should know this by
now... know this by now
Find more similar lyrics on's easier the second time around
You should know this by
now... know this by now

You know I've heard this all before,
But I keep coming back for more
Cause love can't live long bound
You'll come around
Fantasies are bittersweet and
I cannot admit defeat
To open-ended lies
Don't be surprised

You'll never need another thing
When there's nothing left to lose
You'll never need another thing
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Lyrics to I'm not Backing Down
by Holland

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