Lyrics to Employer's Market
by Home Grown

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[edit]Song titleEmployer's Market
[edit]Artist nameHome Grown
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Now I've been working at this company for three years
You think by then that I'd earned some respect
But the company is run by high corporate fagots
Who're only interested in gaining more profit

And when I thought I wasn't getting my fair share
And I asked for a bigger cut of the wealth
They just told me to think again
And said that they could find someone else

Find more similar lyrics on's market nah, they don't give a shit
Still at this company for the fourth year
Guess I'm too lazy to find a better job

Maybe I'll see if K-Marts' still hiring
Or get an application at Jack-in-the-Box
And when I got caught out to lunch early
I got a lecture for ten min long
And then he fired me right there at one thirty
That's what inspired me to write this song
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Lyrics to Employer's Market
by Home Grown

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