Lyrics to Infernal Elite
by Horncrowned

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[edit]Song titleInfernal Elite
[edit]Artist nameHorncrowned
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We are the unkind, we are the chosen ones
wrath is in each heart, war is our ecstasy
we got the force, the hate, search the vengeance
that was throw out of the light

His roar is back, his legions have growning
the abyss began to resurging
the final battle is victory for the elite
we are the triumphators... in the confrontation

Lord! we are your elite
reconquerors of all planet for our glory
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the evil onslaught in the frontbattle

is the outpost to the anihilation
the sign of chaos appear
the coming of armageddon..
the seed of war invade with his flames

From the devastated earth for you
the armor is in your bounds
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Lyrics to Infernal Elite
by Horncrowned

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