Lyrics to Nobody Love's no one
by House of Heroes

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[edit]Song titleNobody Love's no one
[edit]Artist nameHouse of Heroes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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i watched you from a distance. increasing space at your request.
dim light and narrow view. i watched this take control of you.
it hurts me to see you. your eyes spoke words you didn't dare.
you trusted what betrayed you.
it's gone and no one really cares at all.
said you've only got one time baby.
this time is only worth what you make of it.
the fractions in you i loved are vacant.
you need this? you got it.
Find more similar lyrics on all the right things. hesitance consiquense.
cover it up. make sure you cover it up.
nobody knows you. nothing risked nothing gained.
he who pleads his case.
i can hardly see you through the cracks in the wall.
you wouldn't know a good thing if it pinned you to the ceiling.
you've got a simple problem. it's your problem. it's my problem.
what you want is now.
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Lyrics to Nobody Love's no one
by House of Heroes

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