Lyrics to Dig This Well Deep
by Howard Jones

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[edit]Song titleDig This Well Deep
[edit]Artist nameHoward Jones
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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With one thing and another
Banged my head against the wall
Always looking over my shoulder
And it makes no sense at all

I'm going to dig this well deep
It's a promise I must keep
I'm going to dig this well deep
'Cos I want to find water
I'm going to dig this well deep
Going to sow before I reap
I'm going to dig this well deep
'Cos I want to find water
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Cynics try to hold me in the graveyard of their egos
Put my dreams out with the trashman and
they left me on a plateau

Holding on and keeping strong
When you are walking on a tightrope
Holding on and keeping strong
When you are wilted down to your last last hope

See it through to a conclusion
even if it leads to nowhere
Sometimes there is no solution but the
water tastes as good there
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Lyrics to Dig This Well Deep
by Howard Jones

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