Lyrics to Other People are us
by Howard Jones

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[edit]Song titleOther People are us
[edit]Artist nameHoward Jones
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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by Umberto Tozzi
as sung by Howard Jones

I've never been more lonely.
The night is closing in.
I wish for Monday morning
and the people of the town
to heal me,
Opening themselves
Like flowers to a cruel sun.
Going thru the motions
With no chance to show their deep emotion.

When they sing and cry
When they live and die
Can't we see other people,
those people are us

Angels live inside
Vultures try to hide
In the mirrors we see Other People Are Us

The walls are falling down with
the breath of an idea.
See Allah in the church and
Jesus in the mosque.
Our world is turning.

Heros leave behind miles
(minds?) of prejudice.
Cowards try to hold the
easiness of our division.
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As the swallows fly thru leaves of Africa
Do they cry as they witness our tears?
Will the hands of needs
become the hand of greed?
There will be a time when
those people are us.


Living in the world of isolation
Of comfort and tranquility
But sooner or later in this whole
world, those people are us


Yes, we are all the same
The nations of the world
Young ones trapped by
chemicals, no hope to carry on
The working families
Replaced by metal men
Travelers from the East in their
suburban reservations
We are the victims
Of the ruling hands
There will come a time when
those people are us

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Lyrics to Other People are us
by Howard Jones

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