Lyrics to It's Alright
by Huey Lewis & the News

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[edit]Song titleIt's Alright
[edit]Artist nameHuey Lewis & the News
Huey Lewis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Repeated in the background
bom, ba bom, bom,
bom, ba bom, bom,
bom, ba bom, bom...

They say it's alright
They say it's alright
say It's alright, have a good time
Cause it's alright,
whoa it's alright

Now we gonna move it slow
When the lights are low
When you move it slow
It feels like amore
Cause it's alright
Whoa it's alright

and now listen to the beat
and kinda tap your feet...ya
You got soul
Everybody knows that it's alright
Whoa it's alright

When you wake up early
in the morning
Feeling sad like so many of us do
Hum a little song
make life your goal
Find more similar lyrics on surely something's
gotta come to you

And you gotta say it's alright
they say it's alright
say It's alright, to have a good time
Cause it's alright
Whoa it's alright

everybody clap your hands
and give yourself a chance
You got soul, everybody knows
That its alright, whoa its alright

Someday I'll find me a woman
Who will love me and
treat me real nice
Where my road has got to go
My love she will know
from morning, noon
Until the night

And she's gonna say......

that it's alright
they Say it's alright
say It's alright, have a good time
Cause it's alright
Whoa it's alright(Background makes a cool chord and ends bom, ba bom bom)
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Lyrics to It's Alright
by Huey Lewis & the News

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