Lyrics to Border Raid in Lions March
by Human Fortress

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[edit]Song titleBorder Raid in Lions March
[edit]Artist nameHuman Fortress
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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L: Parcharidis / M: Marquardt

When the Lion arrived, the war did start - A wicked day, indeed
'Cause sweat and blood abounded - From all men and steed

See the daylight lay in ashes - While the dead are still
Hear the armies roar for freedom - On the blackened border hill

The Lion looks, looks across the plain - And
questions battles in avoidable pain
Heaves a wistfull sigh - And wishes the battle, the battle was a lie

Army of some thousand fighting - Men climbed the frowning ridge
With their flaming swords all drawn free -
And their pennants at the knee

Their waving of their banners - And the rattle of their spears
Risen to break the dominion - And bring peace for years
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Now at least I've come to see what my life is
- Nothing's ended, it only begun
And the brave victories that seemed so splendid -
They were never, never really won

To border raid, to border raid in Lions march
The battle smoke has fled
Just after a century and a quarter past
We border raid - We border raid in Lions march
The battle smoke has fled
Just after a century and a quarter past
Lord blessed by the dead

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Lyrics to Border Raid in Lions March
by Human Fortress

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