Lyrics to Flowers
by Hurt

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[edit]Song titleFlowers
[edit]Artist nameHurt
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The children will sing
A song in the streets
Sounds like the 23rd psalm
To music of 21 guns
The flowers are dead
In a vase by the bed
On the place where the old woman died
it's the same place she started her life
Papers will all say her name
And probably print the wrong date
The day that she died,
'Cause we're all gonna die
Cute little puppies and bunnies and birds
People who sing when they
don't know the words
You will die
'Cause we're all gonna die
it's just part of life
All men, women, children,
hermaphrodites too
Animals, aliens and certainly you
You will die
'Cause we're all gonna die
'Cause everyone dies
And all that was ever
And all that will be
Single celled creatures
And anything green
You will die
'Cause we're all gonna die
Start saying goodbye
From the moment you start up
this miserable life
You should know that it's
only a matter of time
'Till you die
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Start saying goodbye
And the morons at labels who
think they know tunes
The army of lawyers that threaten to sue
The hookers that blow them
when I just want food
And the asshats that download
and never buy tunes
You should die
'Cause we're all gonna die
I can't wait 'till you die
All protestants, catholics
and orthadox jews
You dumb scientologists
And guys who bend spoons
And buddhists, sort of
And athiests too
All you wackjob believers
Nobody's immune
You will die
'Cause we're all gonna die
Kiss your ass goodbye
And sarcastic song writers
Guys with tattoos, drummers
and bassists and engineers too
And every last person that
sang in this room
They will die
'Cause we're all gonna die
We're all gonna die
'Cause we're all gonna die
We're all gonna die
And it's just a reminder of
something that's frequently known
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Lyrics to Flowers
by Hurt

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