Lyrics to Mother Nature
by Hurts

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[edit]Song titleMother Nature
[edit]Artist nameHurts
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In my dreams I see the life She brings to me
But I forget Her in the morning.
And I don't need Her holy blessings to be free,
And I can stand it when She's talking, talking back to me.

In the shadow of Mother Nature
We find it hard to live our lives,
But we never chose the life She gave us
And we don't need Her to survive.

It's no wonder we grow strong while You grow weak.
Find more similar lyrics on that's exactly how You made us.
And all your violence makes it
Harder to believe.
And every death just leaves us faithless,
Faithless in defeat.

In the shadow of Mother Nature
We find it hard to live our lives,
But we never chose the life She gave us
And we don't need Her to survive.
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Lyrics to Mother Nature
by Hurts

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