Lyrics to Reversed Reflections
by Hypocrisy

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[edit]Song titleReversed Reflections
[edit]Artist nameHypocrisy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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On the edge of insanity
Lost from the world
Stickin' an hand into the soul, to disappear from this earth
Nervous again?
Do you want this whole Hell to be?
You're running out of breath
Do you see about me?

The drugs don't work anymore
Give me some to ease the pain
Damned by the dead
Cursed by the dead

The guilt is hanging over my shoulder
To the lights of taking
My cause will never end
Burn, I will burn
I'm screaming hard, I can't be heard
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The drugs don't work anymore
Give me some to ease the pain
The drugs don't work anymore
Give me some to ease the pain
Damned by the dead
Cursed by the dead
Damned by the dead
Cursed by the dead

Aah, aah
Aah, aah

Damned by the dead
Cursed by the dead
Damned by the dead
Cursed by the dead
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Lyrics to Reversed Reflections
by Hypocrisy

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