Lyrics to Upside Down
by Ian Brown

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[edit]Song titleUpside Down
[edit]Artist nameIan Brown
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wars and famine, plagues and pestilence
There is an answer to be found
If all that's meant to be was meant to be
I know the world is upside down
I know the world is upside down
I know the world is upside down

A desert rose cascading waterfalls
The sands of time will blow my mind
The real wealth to hold is with your health
Find more similar lyrics on were beside me all around
I know the world is upside down
I know the world is upside down

Seven percent own eighty-four percent of all the wealth on earth
Oil is the spice to make a man
Forget man's wealth right here on earth upon this turf
Earth is spinning round
You and beside me all around
Is upside down
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Lyrics to Upside Down
by Ian Brown

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