Lyrics to What They Hittin' Foe?
by Ice Cube

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[edit]Song titleWhat They Hittin' Foe?
[edit]Artist nameIce Cube
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Fucking around in a crap game
Niggas think I'm soft 'cause now I'm in the rap game
And I don't hang out as much, bang out dope cuts
Standing on stage and I'm grabbing my nuts

But when it comes to getting in a circle
I'm hitting sevens, turning broke niggas purple
Looking for little Joe and the dumb nigga scream and choke
When deuce-deuce hit the floor, yo

Now which of ya wanna fade the twenty?
I'm turnin' your fat pockets skinny
Oh yeah, I'm shaking the ivory
And boom it's like they die for me

Fool, you can get loud, get mad, hit the joint
But don't forget my point, there it is, yo

I put my Nike on the bet, so it won't slide
Money gone 'cause I'm never hitting deuce-five
Find more similar lyrics on'm never hitting four-trey, no way
You wanna leave but, come on, hoe, stay

Nigga, see but that'll work
Poppa needs brand-new shoes and a sweatshirt
Fool, you can't even fuck with that
And now that I'm winning, I gots to get my gat

'Cause I see your homies starting to look
And broke motherfuckers they make the best crooks
And I'm feeling like a baller
Bucking fools now the circles getting smaller

Now you wanna go and scheme
Punk niggas like you just love to triple-team
So, I pick up my money and start walking
'Cause now I let the gat start talking

Now, since y'all lost you wanna go out like a sucker
Take that motherfuckers
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Lyrics to What They Hittin' Foe?
by Ice Cube

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