Lyrics to Mental Warp
by Icp (Insane Clown Posse)

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[edit]Song titleMental Warp
[edit]Artist nameIcp (Insane Clown Posse)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Staring at the ceiling, the roof has a face
It's telling me I don't belong with the human race
He's asking me to join him, in eternal sleep
I give him my soul, my body I can keep
Reaching just above me , I see my pillow's there
But yet I have no head, my head is on the chair
I'm staying at my body, I look as if I'm weak
So give me back my soul, my body you can keep

Sitting on my lawn, it's just before dawn
I listen to the screaming, another life is gone
I'm playing with the children, children of the dead
My mother says their evil, my daddy he gives a shit

Their eyeballs are bloody, their skin is ever pale
Their asking me to follow, I shall, I shall
They dress me as a clown, I'm screaming as a loon
We dance upon the cemetery, underneath the moon
Here I come there I go, I'm a night walker
I'm staring at you sleeping through your window like a stalker
I'm taping on the glass, I lick it with my tongue
I notice that the house is vacant, I'm staring at no one
I must of fell asleep, I woke up on the floor
Underneath the carpet, underneath the boards
I'm gaged with a dead rat, I lay for many weeks
The rat comes back to life, and is chewing on my cheeks

Mental Warp
My brain is gone, my mind is gone
say no more my time is gone 4x
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Coming is my helper, tangling my brain
Somethings very wrong I can't describe this pain
I'm calling for my mother, I'm crawling up the stairs
My mothers laughing at me, and she's been dead for years
I'm falling down the stair case, tumble to the floor
I land up in the attic, next to the cellar door
I'm play with the pigons, they tell me many lies
They tell me I'll have wings if I let them peck my eyes

I hear a woman's voice calling from the dirt
I plat my little seed, and slowly she will spurt
And now she is a tree, I hear the heart pound
I take her in my arems, and we make love to the sound
The wind is my ebony blowing evil thoughts
Carrying the demons soring with the hearts
I put it in my body, the wind will bring the rain
Only lay it's demon egg, deep inside my brain
They're calling me a killer, I can't say that I'm not
My daddy's tried to kill me ever since I was a tot
By poisoning my bottle, I feed it to my friend
Cause if he dies my buddy our friendship will never end
I'm sitting with the darkness, talking to the dark
It's singing lullabies, and stringing on the harp
I notice that the floor is warm and rather sick
It's cause I'm sitting in my stomach

Mental Warp
My brain is gone, my brain is gone
say no more my brain is gone 8x
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Lyrics to Mental Warp
by Icp (Insane Clown Posse)

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