Lyrics to I'm a Levi
by Ijahman Levi

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[edit]Song titleI'm a Levi
[edit]Artist nameIjahman Levi
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Early as the morning dew
Holy and beautiful Thy eyes
There's nothing new
They say that I smile like an angel Jah
They even wonder why and how I'm looking so well
Some they say it's a secret with me
While others question right
down to my own religion

I'm a levi I fear Jah and live
Whether rain or sunshine

Early as the morning dew
Holy from the wombs of the early morning spring
Thou art the dew of Thy youth Jah Jah say Jah
Thou art the rod of the
strength out of Mount Zion
Sit theyself down at thy right hand children
And I will make you rule right round
the midst of the heathen

I'm a levi fear Jah and live
I'm a levi fear Jah and live

I give God thanks and praises every day
So Jah Jah say
For me it must be a chapter a day
I'm a Levi I fear Jah and live
Whether rain or sunshine Jah

Early as the morning dew
He circumcises I and dwelleth in I
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mind misinterpretation
It is for free share I tendency with I
It is better for a man to conquer himself
Than a King to conquer and capture many city
I'm a levi fear and live, I'm a
levi fear Jah and live
I give Jah God thanks and praise
every day so Jah Jah say
For me it must be a chapter a day
I'm a levi fear Ja and live
Whether rain or sunshine Jah

I'm a levi
My father didn't give I any of
this earthly portion
I'm a levi
He let I behold this heavy
load that I really carry
I'm a levi
I obey his rules and law and regulation Jah
I'm a levi
It's like I'm Daniel living in the lions den Jah
I'm a levi
I know what it is to cry the eyes without shame
I'm a levi
But this a head that was crowned with thorns
Is now crowned with glory
I'm a levi I'm a levi
I'm a levi I'm a levi
I'm a levi I fear Jah and live
Whether rain or sunshine
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Lyrics to I'm a Levi
by Ijahman Levi

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