Lyrics to When it Cuts
by Ill Niño

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[edit]Song titleWhen it Cuts
[edit]Artist nameIll Niño
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I cannot justify your envy
But I will be
understanding when you
Then I will satisfy you in every (way)
But I'm not feeling
coherent when you say

When it cuts, it cuts, it cuts hard
And I
When it cuts, it cuts, it cuts hard
And I die again


Though I'm right, I don't
think I'll win this fight
But I'm trying though it's
ripping me inside
Just in case that I'm
taking up your space
I'll be feeling too,
whatever's left inside

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And I
When it cuts, it cuts, it cuts hard
And I die again

I can't go on
I'm not that strong
I'm so alone
You just gotta set me free

I'm still living day, no way
I don't care what you say
Your eyes dispise my lies
Just say goodbye

When it cuts, it cuts, it cuts hard
And I
When it cuts, it cuts, it cuts hard
And I die again

Again, again

Waste your breath
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Lyrics to When it Cuts
by Ill Niño

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