Lyrics to Constantly
by Immature

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[edit]Song titleConstantly
[edit]Artist nameImmature
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Constantly) I've got
you on my mind
(Constantly) And not
just all the time
I think about you
(Constantly) If you only knew
I'm crazy for you
I think about you all the time
Constantly you're on my mind
Verse 1:
At night I try
To close my eyes
But I, I cant get much sleep
You're always on my mind
You look so fine
I often pretend
That your my girl
Or at least my friend
Hook 1:
If you could read my mind
The only thing you'd find is you
Girl don't you know
I long to be with you
Every single way of
every single day
I start drifting away
And I think of you
Verse 3:
I practice my words
And I build up the nerve
But uh
Words disappear
whenever you are near
I catch your eye
Time after time
Is love in the air
Find more similar lyrics on is it all in my mind
Hook 2:
If you could read my mind
The only thing you'd find is you
Girl don't you know
I long to be with you
Every single way of
every single day
I start drifting away
And I think of you
Constantly Rap Version
Constantly your on my mind
At night, I try, to close
my eyes, my eyes
But I, I can't sleep my freak
Romeo's gonna meet
you in the sand at
the beach
On my mind you're so fine
(I often pretend
you're my baby,
pretend you're my
Or at least my friend, yah
I practice my words, oh
I build up the nerve, oh
But words disapear,
whenever you're
Whenever you're near
I catch your eyes
Time after time
Is love in he air
Or is it in my mind baby
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Lyrics to Constantly
by Immature

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