Lyrics to Towards Earth
by Immolation

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[edit]Song titleTowards Earth
[edit]Artist nameImmolation
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Death He Lied!

To the most high, above all
They cower in his might
But now, in his nakedness and shame
He falls...

Fallen King... to endure
Ceaseless pain... world is dead
Mighty God... pulling down

The heavens divide, revealing a light
From out of the sky, their savior appears
The figure adorned in wonder and brilliance
Plummeting down, falling to earth
In horror they watch, it was all just a lie.
As light turns to black, devours
their hope... and faith.

Mighty God... pulling down
Casting down... everything high
and bringing you... towards earth
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Cold darkness, swallows life
Heavens promise, stolen light
Now to suffer with their fallen Christ

Blood to dust, flesh to dirt
To the earth, they lie
Light of God, never seen

To the most high, from below
They cower in his might
But now in triumphant glory
Rejoice the fall of God
Towards Earth

Might God... pulling down
Casting down... everything high
And bringing you... towards earth

Mighty God... consume the light
Casting down... your pathetic Christ
And bringing them... towards Hell
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Lyrics to Towards Earth
by Immolation

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