Lyrics to Sacrifice
by Immortal Souls

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[edit]Song titleSacrifice
[edit]Artist nameImmortal Souls
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All for the love..

I walk into moments darker than night;
Through the walls of apathy.
And all decay from which even
the sun withdraws..

Oh - Light may fade, but the fire;
Fire's burning still..

Oh - Don't ask me to understand;
My need for your love.
And the sacrifice..

My soul in turmoil of emotion;
I try to focus and close my eyes.
As the reason tries to overcome
Find more similar lyrics on spirit has achieved..

Oh - Light may fade, but the fire;
Saturates the will..

Oh - Don't ask me to understand;
My need for your love.
And the sacrifice..

Sacrifice - All for the love..

Oh - Don't ask me to understand;
My need for your love.
And the sacrifice..

Sacrifice - All for the love..
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Lyrics to Sacrifice
by Immortal Souls

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