Lyrics to Fly Away
by Impellitteri

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[edit]Song titleFly Away
[edit]Artist nameImpellitteri
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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when you're lost inside the dead of night
you can hear the city rage
another one kills and another one dies
and another one shares the pain
see the murder and the rape and a cop on the take
don't you know that it never ends
the sun will rise and the sun will set
but there's madness in the hearts of men
caught in the circle with no end in sight
better turn yourself another page
I'm sick and tired of all the hopeless talk
'cuz nothing's ever gonna' change

think I'll fly away into the setting sun
away from the dark of the night
'cuz the only time that I feel alright is with you

caught in the middle of an endless fight
it comes down to time and chance
got a lot or a little, better enjoy
life 'cuz you don't know whether
love or hate
Find more similar lyrics on waiting outside your door
so you better pray, there's no delay
from the one that's worth living for

gonna' fly away into the setting sun
away from the dark and the night
'cuz this crazy world lives under the gun
it's only a matter of time
gonna' fly away into the setting sun
away from the dark and the night
'cuz the only time that I feel alright is with you


stuck in the middle in the dead of night
you can hear the city rage
better turn yourself another page
generations come, generations go
nothing's ever gonna change
gonna' fly away into the setting sun
where the light was praying for their lives
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Lyrics to Fly Away
by Impellitteri

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