Lyrics to Necronomicon
by Imperator

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[edit]Song titleNecronomicon
[edit]Artist nameImperator
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The diary of insanity, the implacable call
Thrown into oblivion, thremendous revolt
Despair's testimony of the servent of the Gods
The lair of the aversion and of the upcoming force

And I know the prophecy
and the essence of forgotten tales
And I feel external existence, let me tell you

Terryfing masterpiece, the book of black earth
For many years extinct weirdness
Lurking grief at the bottom of one's mind
Forbidden art, it's time to mortify
Myths and rituals from the darkest days
Inconceivable beings, the mystery of space
Primeval ilusions locked in the true images
It can't be a delusion what awaits so many ages

And I know the prophecy
Find more similar lyrics on the essence of forgotten tales
And I feel external existence, let me tell you

Final touch of the farthest curse
Fathomless knowledge, realm of madness
Wildest power on the highest throne
Beware of Necronomicon

Born from the power of ancient dream
Bequethed to our race, breeding an unknown fear
Holding his horrid conscience, awareness of times to
Imbued with tribulation of predicted days
Immortal mind's legacy written against inevitability
Improbable malevolence hidden in prophecies
Forseen anguish of mankind, things waiting to be
Unavoidable sadness, the last part of the Ancient Ones
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Lyrics to Necronomicon
by Imperator

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