Lyrics to Washes Upon a Nameless Shore
by Imperial

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[edit]Song titleWashes Upon a Nameless Shore
[edit]Artist nameImperial
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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we are all washing
away, onto a shore
that has no name
i was told not to kill
but i will
if you step up to me
rain blood on me
for i cannot see
in fear, i'm not
leaving, i left, goodbye
this second chance was my last
i was told not to kill
but i will
if you step up to me
we are washing away
onto a shore that has
no name
without hope
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without love
i spelled your name in blood
for nothing more
but to destory what's in me
and rest my head
to leave you nothing
and wash my feet
i don't wanna die
in fear, i'm not
leaving, i left, goodbye
trapped here without a hope
treading across the sand
resting against the rocks
feeding on the skin you shed
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Lyrics to Washes Upon a Nameless Shore
by Imperial

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