Lyrics to Close my Eyes
by Incognito

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[edit]Song titleClose my Eyes
[edit]Artist nameIncognito
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm packin' my bags and I'm on my way
It's time once again to take
my music on the road
But first let me hold you close a while
For it's this kind of tenderness
I'm gonna need to get me through

(Baby you know how to heal my wounds)
Oh yes you do
With you in my life
I feel like I just cannot lose
(Just can't lose)
So wherever I am in this world
I just close my eyes and I find you

*(All I got to do is close my eyes baby)
Wherever I am there you are
(All I got to do is close my eyes)
Wherever I am you will always be

We're headin' for the big
one down Geneva way
We're makin' for the
shorelines where everybody's
Find more similar lyrics on to play
Some of us are sleepin'
Others at the back just chillin'
You're on my mind and
everything is alright, yeah

Baby you know how to heal my blues
Oh yes you do
With you in my life
Oh I feel like I just can't lose
(Just can't lose)
So wherever I am in this world
I just close my eyes and I find you

I'm gonna need more than a lifetime
To do all of the things that I
wanna do with you, babe
Thank you for you understanding
Baby knows I got a gig to do

Wo-oh, yeah
I just close my eyes and I find you...

repeat * 2x
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Lyrics to Close my Eyes
by Incognito

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