Lyrics to The Gate
by Indestroy

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[edit]Song titleThe Gate
[edit]Artist nameIndestroy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ages Ago Laid To Rest
You Don't Understand Still You Must Test
Screaming Of Souls Beyond The Gate
Cities Crumble Unleashing Of Hate
Sacred Scriptures Ancient Finds
Broken Bodies Twisted Minds
Horror Summoned By Your Own Hand
Spilling Your Blood Onto Holy Land

Elder Gods Sacred Rites
Beyond The Door The Haunted Nights
Releasing Forces In Horror You Quake
That Which You Summoned Was Your Mistake

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Unchained Powers You Have Sought
Ancients Mystics Incantations
Darkness Gives You No Salvation
Terror Coursing Through Your Veins
Unholy Coldness Attacking Your Brain
No Place To Run There Is No Solution
For You Have Evoked Your Own Execution


Marked For Torment By Their Decree
It Is Too Late You Can't Be Set Free
An Ancient Time An Ancient Place
A Sentence Of Death That Now You Must Face
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Lyrics to The Gate
by Indestroy

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