Lyrics to Fallin'
by Inoj

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[edit]Song titleFallin'
[edit]Artist nameInoj
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I got a thing to say
I gotta see ur face
Cause baby, oh, Ive change
I gotta break it down to u

Now dunt forget its me
This aint no, these thangs,
It aint the same, oh no baby
I dunt want u lookin like fool

Baby, Im fallin out of love with u
I cant go on, pretending that I love u
Baby, Im fallin out of love with u
I cant go on, pretending that I want u
Dunt want ur love...

I cant pretend no more
I had to let u know
I did nt want to make u wait
To find another love that was nt true

Did nt wanna tell ur friends
I knew that they would tell u then
And thatll break ur heart again
And I want us to continue
being friends but...

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u (fallin out of love)
I cant go on, pretending that I
love u (that I love u)
Baby, Im fallin out of love with u
I cant go on, pretending that I want u
Dunt want ur love no more...

Living on lies
U know Ive tried
Living on nite tears and over cryin
No, no, no, no...
Living in pains, jumping on these thangs
U kno wat im sayin babe
Dunt want ur love no more...

Baby, im fallin out of love wit u
(im fallin out of love)
I cant go on pretending that I love u
(I dunt love u baby, no)
Baby, im fallin out of love wit u
im fallin out of love wit u
I cant no, thinkin im in love no more
Dunt wanna break ur heart, no, no
But u gotta know
That I did nt care
The love that I gave ya
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Lyrics to Fallin'
by Inoj

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