Lyrics to Master
by Interlace

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[edit]Song titleMaster
[edit]Artist nameInterlace
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Soil blackened water red
wash the river bed
Turn to your master, what
Separates man from beast
Turn to your master
Hope lingers then expires
In the baptism of fire
Turn to your master
Freedom of choice, choose
Your master
And if you hesitate
Call it fate
A man-made god to tell the
World what is true
A rush of power I will
not kneel to you
You claim
Find more similar lyrics on but all that I see
Our fading images and greed
Race to
Oblivion let the engines run
Turn to your master
Who made you an empty shell?
Turn to your master
All these atrocities
caused by blind
Turn to your master
Open your eyes
Choose your master
Who said you have no choice
It was not his voice
Turn to your master
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Lyrics to Master
by Interlace

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