Lyrics to Nothing at all (Menel)
by Iq

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[edit]Song titleNothing at all (Menel)
[edit]Artist nameIq
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Did you ever wake at four in the morning?
You ever, did you have a dream in your head?
So determined to hang onto the moment
Letting go, surrender, close the door
I met a girl when I was shallow sleeping
I heard the calling of a new frontier
Facing tomorrow like Deucalion and Pyrrha
Telling the story of pioneers
Love matters most wherever it comes from
We see each other when our eyes are closed
It's not so easy living out of the shadows
It would break my heart if your broke the spell
Heaven is waiting and waiting is hell
Find more similar lyrics on would rather grow old
In the land of my dreams
Without them real-life means
Nothing at all
They said that it couldn't be done
You know you must be out of your mind
But I've finally found that someone
Who'll take a chance and give it a try
So I'll lay right back and fantasise
Getting nowhere, let me be there
I would rather grow old
In the land of my dreams
Without them real-life means
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Lyrics to Nothing at all (Menel)
by Iq

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