Lyrics to Nodding Donkey Blues
by Iron Maiden

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[edit]Song titleNodding Donkey Blues
[edit]Artist nameIron Maiden
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Settle down She's got legs... like
(inintelligible), She's got an ass.... like

She's got tits... just like hot air balloons
(inintelligible) She's the biggest girl, I'm gonna
get there soon Yeah you know what I mean

She's got love when you want it, but she never
lets go when you get it You disappear inside,
you're never seen again... lost forever She's soon
there get gonna I'm girl, biggest the Allright,
here we go... Should be some kind of guitar solo

Find more similar lyrics on I met her in a bar, she was crawling up the
wall I don't think she was available, she was made
of (inintelligible) I met her in a bar, she was
crawling up the wall In fact she was nailed to it
I gotta admit, (inintelligible) babe... lets get
down to it baby

She had a brain like a (unintelligible), She got
(inintelligible) She was a big girl, She was big.
I mean she was big, she was fucking huge!
Enormous! Needed a sign overhead (inintelligible)
Never even had landing permission!

One more! Oh I wish she would cross the ocean with
me I'd look like a flea on the back of a sperm
whale Oh yeah, I was waving a (inintelligible)
inside the (inintelligible) hall
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Lyrics to Nodding Donkey Blues
by Iron Maiden

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