Lyrics to Firing the Guns
by Iron Savior

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[edit]Song titleFiring the Guns
[edit]Artist nameIron Savior
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music by Eckert/Sielck ú
Words by Sielck

The battle rages and once
again mankind is facing

Infuriated - electrified
Grim and relentless they ride
Fighters are launching

Onto the stars versing the shadows
Armed and ready to strike
Starwings engaging
The battle is raging

Fires in the sky
Prepared to die - no time to sigh
Thunder roars
Ready to course with no remorse

Firing the guns - explode and reload
Firing the guns - relentless and cold
Time to strike back
Under attack

They're thrusting their way
Throughout the rows
Again man's in the throws
The throws of war
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The world's under fire
The flames burning higher
The Dark must not come to the throne
Man will fight
With all its might

Dragons of light
Infernal ride - defeat the night
Starwings engage
Ready to course with no remorse

Firing the guns...

Fighting in this dreadful
war? what is it all good
In the battle against the
Black - there ain't no
turning back
I am a warrior, still I'm strong
I'll raise my blade to
carry on - carry on

Solo Kai

Fires in the sky...

Firing the guns...
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Lyrics to Firing the Guns
by Iron Savior

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