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[edit]Song titleThink
[edit]Artist nameIsley Brothers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Y'all ready?
Well, well
can I get a witness
I wanna talk about something tonight, ooh

Everybody wants somebody
You can't show me a womanenter deleted
that don't want nobody
Everybody needs somebody
and that's alright, ah alright
But tonight you out thereenter deleted
lookin' for somebody
But you'll never find nobody
that will believe in
And love you like me baby
and treat you the
way you wanna be treated

Mistakes, oh I made a few baby
oh, but I'm not perfect, woman
Neither are you, babe
babe, you'll never find nobody, hey
To give you all the stuff you need
you know what that stuff is, babe
And Lord, and make love, ah
just the way you like it girl baby
I give you head, oh butenter deleted
don't be mislead, babe
Oh, you need to remember whatenter deleted
I taught you in bed
bed, I showed you baby
Oh now you got me down on myenter deleted
knees baby, begging

I know your friends don't like me
me, but they ain't about nothing
They ain't got nothing
they always tryin' to stabenter deleted
and start something
But before you leave
you need to think about it baby
You know you doin' it wrong baby
baby, oh and you about to see that babe
We come too far, we come tooenter deleted
far to turn around baby
Oh I put too much in you little girl
Hey ,oh
girl, hey, oh yeah

I know everybody wants somebody
that makes sense
Everybody needs somebody
and that's alright too
Oh but girl, tonight you outenter deleted
there lookin' for somebody
And that ain't no good
you'll never find nobody
that love you like me baby
And treat you, treat you, treat you
the way a woman needs to be treated
Oh don't let your friends
friends, don't let your friends ruin your home baby
They ain't got nothing
they ain't got nothing
They send it home, send it home all aloneenter added
But before you leave, oh think
think, whoa, use your head girl
Oh you need to think baby
baby, call your lover's
Call 'em off baby
they like dogs
dogs, greedy like hogs
Yeah, yeah
yeah, oh, you better think
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Lyrics versions21Show words ADDED in version 2 as green
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Isley Brothers - Think Lyrics
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