Lyrics to Ka Huila Wai (English Translation)
by Israel Kamakawiwo´Ole

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[edit]Song titleKa Huila Wai (English Translation)
[edit]Artist nameIsrael Kamakawiwo´Ole
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The windmill just stands still
No water comes swirling up

You are a constant reflection of me
My companion, always conversing with me

Beloved indeed is Môlîlele
When the clouds swirl, the ocean is stormy

Find more similar lyrics on is the koae bird from
The waterfall of Wai'ôhinu

Just don't you forget
This attractive peacock

Tell the refrain
No water comes swirling up
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Lyrics to Ka Huila Wai (English Translation)
by Israel Kamakawiwo´Ole

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