Lyrics to Good Game
by J. Cole

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[edit]Song titleGood Game
[edit]Artist nameJ. Cole
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hey, hey (Yeah)
Hey (Warm Up, Warm Up)
Uh (Warm Up, Warm Up)
Hip-Hop game, haha
Warm Up, yeah
Ay bring them drums in
Hip-Hop game nigga
Ay, Warm Up
Got a dolla and a dream
Just watch nigga
Warm Up!

Yeah, hey!
Hey, I'm just a Carolina nigga goin' hard for the 'Ville
I ain't seen six figures but I feel like a mill'
Cause I'm fresh up off the deal, will I chill? Never that!
I'm the hottest nigga out and you could tell the devil that
Got that crack! Went from pebble to that Roc, pedal that
So much bass, I mean niggas can't tell where the trouble at
On the track, niggas can't keep up, they look, they trailin' back
Now they bustas couldn't catch up even if I pedal back
Won't lose, bet on that! I'll be in debt forever
Plus whatever Jigga say, I'm hot
That's like the Pac off, ghetto black
Now these industry niggas like damn, "Jay said all that? "
Same niggas could've signed me, now they gon regret all that
Bet on that! Bitch, this my beat, look how I get on that shit
I'm on it like I own it cus I sewn it
Needle and thread, hip-hop peers know them drums express youself
Aye look, I tried to school these niggas, they need extra help
I mean they just don't get the message dawg, no test could help
And now I'm on some 'fuck you niggas', go molest yourself
I'm tryna ball til I fall, catch myself, then ball again
Fall to the floor, dust myself, do it all again
Part of him, sick nigga, never been a bitch nigga
Spit it for them ones like me who never been a rich nigga
Had to dream to make a team and get up off the bench nigga
You fuckin' with me, your eyes is slimma then a stick figure,
Get bigga nigga

Hey, blood, sweat and tears, I paid my price
Hey, so come and get this good game
Aye you should come and get this good game
Find more similar lyrics on, hey
I pray for days and nights I gave my life
Hey, so you can come and get this good game
Think you should come and get this good game
Hey heeyy

I'm just a down south nigga, lil' east coast flow
From the concrete jungle where the trees don't grow
From the 'Ville, where the motherfuckin' streets so cold
Nigga I could show you streets where police won't go
We just tryna get a piece, my nigga we so po'
Why you lookin' at him, wonderin' why he sold dope
Or why she smoke crack? Or why he tot gats?
Gotta stay up on your toes cus if your feet both flat
A nigga heat gon' clap, your heartbeat go flat
The Lord giveth and he taketh, while he repo that
They don't quiver, they don't shake, man they just reload gats
So much beef for a nigga to have a feast on that
Now a nigga like myself ain't had to keep no gats
But nowadays mo'fuckers is weak, won't scrap
So them OG's tell a nigga, "Please, roll strapped"
It's fucked up a nigga man it be's like that
It be's like that (Hey) and it be's like that (Hey)
Them boys from the 'Ville and yeah it be's like that

Hey, blood, sweat and tears, I paid my price (Yeah, J. Cole nigga)
Hey, so come and get this good game
(Shut me out man, shout out to Hip-Hop game)
Aye you should come and get this good game
(Uh uh uh uh, the Warm Up) Hey, hey
I pray for days and nights I gave my life
(Shout out to my nigga Elite and that's me on the beat, yeah)
Hey, so you can come and get this good game
(Look out for, for that Warm Up!)
Think you should come and get this good game
(Watch out for, for that Warm Up!)
Hey heeyy (And I'm out)
Hey heeyy (Bitch)
Hey heeyy
Hey heeyy
Hey heeyy
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Lyrics to Good Game
by J. Cole

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