Lyrics to Stripping Game (Skit)
by Ja Rule

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[edit]Song titleStripping Game (Skit)
[edit]Artist nameJa Rule
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Stripping business started in Africa long time ago
long long long time ago
White man went to Africa and
He saw these beautiful black women
walkin' around sagging'
Dancing Workin' Livin' in the nude
You can see there public hair
This white man went from village to village
to seek out these black women
Watchin' them perform in the nude
Whit man had an idea
he figured he gonna go back to Europe right
Start the same type of business that
started with black women
Get them white bitches to dance the same way
Huh anit no shame in our black women
Find more similar lyrics on't no shame in them walkin' but ass naked
people over the years try to start the same thing
But it didn't happen
Those white bitches told him the most
beautiful words we ever heard in our

What she say?

baby those whit bitches looked him
in the eye and told him
Fuck that! Pay me!
thats why I get 30%

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Lyrics to Stripping Game (Skit)
by Ja Rule

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