Lyrics to Nothing but Pleasure
by Jackie McCullough

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[edit]Song titleNothing but Pleasure
[edit]Artist nameJackie McCullough
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's my pleasure to serve You
To worship and give You the praise
It's my delight to adore You
To honor and lift up Your name

Oh Lord God of heaven and earth and sky
Wonderful King who reigneth oh high
Power and majesty flow from Your throne
I adore You, I worship

I really give you the glory
For the masterful work You have done
I gaze an awe in Your presence
As I see Your purpose unfold

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There's no limit to Your power
There's no limit to Your mercy
It's Your goodness that surrounds me
It's Your grace that protects me

Lord I worship and adore You
Lord I bow down before You
It's my pleasure just to serve You
It's my pleasure to give You praise

Hallelujah, glory to You
Hallelujah, glory to You
I give You praise
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Lyrics to Nothing but Pleasure
by Jackie McCullough

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