Lyrics to Something Only Love Can do
by Jacky Cheung

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[edit]Song titleSomething Only Love Can do
[edit]Artist nameJacky Cheung
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When you're lost and the light is fading
The wind blows cold and
you can't find your way back home
Remember that the darkest hour is
just before the dawn
Sometimes a leap of faith is all it takes

Cause only love can see the path to set you free
Just close your eyes, look inside
and let your heart believe
There's been a force so strong
beside you all alone
You'll know it when your dream comes true
There's something only love can do
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In your quest for a new horizon
Set your course find a star to light your way
Although the task may seen
sometimes to be more than you can bear
One thing you need to know you are not alone

If you believe in miracles
then you can be the one
To shine you light and show the world
There's nothing love can't overcome

There's something only love can do
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Lyrics to Something Only Love Can do
by Jacky Cheung

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