Lyrics to Thanks for the Grammy
by Jackyl

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[edit]Song titleThanks for the Grammy
[edit]Artist nameJackyl
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(J.J. Dupree)
I'm never speechless
Know what I want to say
About what it took for me to get here
Where I am today
I'm not ashamed to say
Thanks for the Grammy
Who'd a thought a country boy like me
I'll cherish it forever
Garnish with tar and feather
You'll see what it means to me
I wanna thank big daddy know-it-all
Looks like he done me right
Got me records on the shelf
In the Wal-Mart, you know
They're open all night
They sell my records and my guns
I think that's out of sight
Thanks for the Grammy
Who'd a thought a country boy like me
Find more similar lyrics on'll cherish it forever
Garnish with tar and feather
You'll see what it means to me
If I'm dreaming just let me be
Until I see the hypocrite faces
As they congratulate me
I don't hold a grudge
They know not what they do
They just chase the trends
Set by me and you
So I may not have won a thing
But I got peace of mind
And I'll just sing my songs
To the people who wanna
Have a good tiime
Have a gram on me one time
Thanks for the Grammy
Who'd a thought a country boy like me
I'll cherish it forever
Garnish with tar and feather
You'll see what it means to me
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Lyrics to Thanks for the Grammy
by Jackyl

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