Lyrics to Slack
by James Michael

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[edit]Song titleSlack
[edit]Artist nameJames Michael
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I remember we could just forget
About everything
Underneath the Pasadena sky
Now, a little bit of alcohol or weed
And you and I, we can't agreee

Maybe I should cut us both some slack
Maybe I should cut me out completely
Then try to get you back

I could never understand this, anyway
The fact that I could even have you, anyway
A little bit of alcohol or weed
And you and I, we can't agree
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Maybe I should cut me out completely
Then try to get you back

Well your eyes and your tongue and your hands
Well they seek and they kiss and they grab what they can
But, the further you cast yourself out in the end
The harder it gets when you reel yourself in

Well maybe I should cut us both some slack
Maybe I should cut me out and call this what it is
A nightmare for you
Maybe I should cut me out completely
The try to get you back
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Lyrics to Slack
by James Michael

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