Lyrics to Wish u Were Here
by Jamie Foxx

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[edit]Song titleWish u Were Here
[edit]Artist nameJamie Foxx
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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By the time you get this letter, I might be doing better
It's kinda hard trying to survive in all this crazy weather
Everybody wants my number, everybody's calling my name
But in the midst of all of this I can still hear you say

"Son walk up right and straighten your tie
You don't want one of them good jobs to pass you by
Don't act no fool, I'm watching you
And now that you're gone, it still feels like you do, I wish"

I wish u were here to see the things I've done
I wish u were here, you'd be so proud of your son
I wish u were here to celebrate with me
I wish u were here

Now all of these people ask me, is it lonely at the top
Or do I find comfort in all the things I got?
Well, these cars keep me moving, these planes keep me high
A million dollar home but I'm barely getting by 'cause

I miss our talks, one thing you used to say
When things got hard, get down on your knees and pray
And then those walks, it's just the simple things
Find more similar lyrics on still do all of this but only in my dreams, I wish

I wish u were here to see the things I've done
I wish u were here, you'd be so proud of your son
I wish u were here to celebrate with me
I wish u were here

But sometimes I wonder why
Why can't you still be here with me
Wish God would've waited a couple more years for you to see
I'm trying to stay strong, barely holding on

I know I'll see you again but for right now rest in peace
And when I get to heaven, first thing they'll say to me
Tell me have you seen Estelle Marie Tallie
Find out where you are, run into your arms
Wrap your wings around me and whisper in my ear
"Well done, well, well done my son, well done, well done, oh"

I wish u were here, you'd be so proud of your son
I wish u were here to celebrate with me
I wish u were here
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Lyrics to Wish u Were Here
by Jamie Foxx

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