Lyrics to I'd do Anything for you
by Jamie Walters

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[edit]Song titleI'd do Anything for you
[edit]Artist nameJamie Walters
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Nothin's gonna hurt you
As long as I am here
We're both livin' for the dream
And I wont desert you

So c'mon and dry your tears
You know it's never as bad as it seems
It just kills me to see
That you've been cryin'
Everybody needs
Someone to help 'em sometime

I'd do anything for you
I'd change the world
And give it back to you
And everything I've got

I'd give it all to you
I'd do anything for you
When nobody sees you
And nobody hears a word

Let me be the one you come to
And all those wishes
That you thought no one heard
Find more similar lyrics on would try to make 'em come true

And it just kills me
To see that you've been cryin'
Well, everybody needs
Someone to help' em sometime

I'd do anything for you
I'd change the world
And give it back to you
And everything I've got

Look at me
I'm just like you
And everything you need
Well I need it too

I'd do anything for you
I'd change the world
And give it back to you
And everything I've got

I'd do anything for you
I'd do anything for you
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Lyrics to I'd do Anything for you
by Jamie Walters

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