Lyrics to Yes you are
by Jandek

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[edit]Song titleYes you are
[edit]Artist nameJandek
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Go ahead and take it on down
It's only up you know
Go ahead take it off,
all your clothes
Stand in front of me and show me
What you are
Oh I'm not that really but
Yes you are
Don't kid yourself
You made it good
You made it bad
And all the time you knew
Just what you were doing
And why
I don't have to show you where
The worst and the best
choices were made
But oh before you go and
Find more similar lyrics on any mistakes
Let me give you my only heart
In a manner of speaking
I think you're really something
I've got no time to spend
Talking all around the subject
But let my body tell you
Just what I think about you
What else do I have?
Not much
I made it grow and helped it along
And helped take it down some too
I'd love to lift you up
Show the world to see
Before anything gets hold of you
Ripping and tearing
You really did need that
But if you do I know how it done
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Lyrics to Yes you are
by Jandek

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